About Us

Norman Lawrence grew up in Maine where his father, Rev. Marvin Lawrence pastored a church for 39 years. During that time as a “PK” (Preacher’s Kid), he developed a love for singing, yet it was never the kind of love that brought him to the point of using his talent to minister in the context of the services perhaps a couple of times, and that was about the extent of Norman’s “music ministry” at that period in his life.

Upon his entrance to Bible School, he joined the Choir where that love for music was further brought out, yet again, just momentary times of solo music ministry until graduating in 1982 from what was then Zion Bible Institute, and is now called Northpoint Bible College.

Upon graduation, Norman was invited to Youth Pastor at a church in West Virginia where it was time to have his talents and capabilities tested as not only would he serve as Youth Pastor, but also as Worship Leader. From that moment on, ministering in that church for nearly 6 years, and over the next 15 years, he led worship for services whether it was in the role of Youth Pastor, Pastor, or Associate Pastor. Times of worship were precious during those years, both during the worship service, but also in times of leading the team during the times around the altar.

Norman recorded an album in 1985 with the title song “Be Bold”, and then, in 1997, recorded an album with his wife Brenda, called “One Less Stone.

Norman and Brenda met in West Virginia and were married in 1987. Brenda also enjoyed (and still does) singing, and is strong with harmony parts. This gift was developed greatly during her early years in church, then as she went to Zion, she ministered not only in the Sanctuary Choir but also the traveling music ministry that went by the name of “The Collegians”.

They are the parents of 2 sons, Dwayne, who was born in 1988, and Aaron, who was born in 1989. Dwayne is married to Alicia and they have blessed us with our first Granddaughter, McKinley. Aaron is married to Abby and they are looking forward to their first child in February of 2022!

Norman and Brenda moved to Millersburg PA in 2003, where he has pastored a wonderful church with warm and friendly people who have a desire to reach their community and world for Jesus Christ!

The most recent project is entitled “A Picture of Grace”, and was recorded in 2015.